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Organic Orange Peels can help aid Digestion, lower Cholesterol and fight Inflamation

13 August 2011 239 views One Comment

You don’t have to compost those orange peels! Eat them for a myriad of health benefits and wonderful taste. However, make sure you are eating Organic Orange peels. Conventional Oranges have been sprayed with chemicals that you don’t want to eat.

Organic orange peels offer a variety of health benefits most people are unaware of. The number one benefit is the anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation has been linked to chronic disease as one of the leading factors overcoming the sickness. The orange peel contains phytonutrients and flavonoids that are in much higher concentrations than in the juicy pulp.

A study done by “Arland T. Hotchkiss, a carbohydrate chemist at the ARS Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC) in Wyndmoor, Pa., and cooperators demonstrated for the first time that pectin, a type of carbohydrate in orange peel, has “prebiotic” properties. These prebiotic carbohydrates, also known as oligosaccharides, are found in certain fruits and vegetables. Prebiotics are nondigestible foods or nutrients that increase the growth of beneficial “probiotic” bacteria in the large intestine. Probiotic bacteria stimulate health and help prevent foodborne pathogen growth.

Orange peels also contain hesperidin which helps to lower Cholesterol and Blood Sugar levels.

How to Make Dehydrated Organic Orange Peels

You can eat the organic orange peels right off the fruit or you can dry them. Dried orange peels is one of my new favorite snacks. After enjoying the juicy organic orange, I take the peels and put them in the dehydrator at around 100 degrees for about 8 hours. They come out like thick cut potato chips! Stick them in a glass jar or plastic bag and bring them to work to share with your coworkers. You’ll be amazed at how good they are.


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